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WayWard paves the way for enhanced patient care

The NHS is a wonderful resource. But as everyone knows, it’s incredibly stretched. So researchers at The University of Nottingham set out to help. They focused on out-of-hours care – an area that has been poorly documented over the years, affecting the satisfaction of patients and staff, and pushing costs up too.

Through their Horizon Digital Economy Research Centre, they set up the WayWard project and used state-of-the-art tracking technology to shed light on the way that out-of-hours care is delivered and managed.

Using interviews, observations and analysed data from task management systems to track staff and gain insights, they were able to identify issues and consider suggestions for improvement.

Staff in the NHS have benefited from research into out of hours care

The project has been a huge success – the findings helped to shape a Safe Staffing report and has also had a positive impact on rota designs and strategy, meaning staff are less stressed, able to carry out their tasks more efficiently and, ultimately, provide greater care for patients. 

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“By providing junior doctors with successful management strategies developed by experienced staff, we aim to make their early shifts less stressful – and ultimately safer for patients.”

Doctor Martindale, Horizon Research Fellow.