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Trent Basin links industry and experts to create a living, breathing housing experiment

The University of Nottingham has helped bring ideas, people and businesses together to test low energy housing and community energy solutions at Trent Basin.

Trent Basin is a low energy housing development next to the River Trent in Nottingham. The University of Nottingham, the University of Loughborough and partners from industry have come together to develop solutions for sustainable living – from greener energy generation to sustainable housing development models.

Nick Ebbs led the development of Trent Basin, through Blueprint, a public-private housing development partnership, which is run by Igloo. By drawing on the expertise at the University of Nottingham and making links between industry and experts, a test bed has been created in the heart of the city.

Having a living, breathing sustainable housing experiment in Nottingham brings additional opportunity to the area – skilled jobs and the chance to be part of finding solutions to the global challenge of climate change.

Nick Ebbs looking at a screen

“Trent Basin is a physical manifestation of the research and innovation that goes on at the universities in Nottingham. It results in greener and cheaper living for the residents, job opportunities and responds to one of the world’s most pressing challenges, climate change.”

Nick Ebbs, Vice Chair, igloo Regeneration