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For businesses

If you run a business or are an employer in Nottingham, it’s highly likely you will have worked with one of the universities, employed an intern or graduate, or sold goods or services to our staff or students. Our institutions are inextricably linked to the prosperity of Nottingham.

For businesses

See how Olivia expanded her breastfeeding brand with help from both universities

Olivia Swift expanded her breastfeeding brand Lotus Maternity Ltd with help from both universities.

After studying midwifery at the University of Nottingham, Olivia Swift wanted to support more women to breastfeed. Olivia has had an abundance of support in growing her business Lotus Maternity Ltd at the University's Ingenuity Lab. Lotus Maternity Ltd offers breastfeeding-friendly clothes and postnatal support services.

Lotus Maternity Ltd is now an award-winning business selling locally-sourced clothes and boosting the Nottinghamshire economy. Olivia has received support from both universities with setting up and growing the business, from website development to marketing and branding.

Olivia Swift with a mother and baby

Olivia also employed a Nottingham Trent University student as her graphic designer, drawing on the talent at the University to grow her business.

Through her supply chains and inviting experts to deliver postnatal sessions on topics like baby massage or sleep training, Olivia creates opportunities for local businesses and professionals.

“After studying midwifery at the University of Nottingham, I wanted to help not only the women I was caring for to breastfeed but also every other mother. The support I’ve had from the universities has helped me launch a successful breastfeeding brand to do just that! I’m really proud that my suppliers are local, providing a boost to the Notts economy too.”

Olivia Swift, Founder, Lotus Maternity Ltd

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Through our activities and supply chain, we add £1.1 billion to the economy in Nottingham City

We have supported over 1000 SMEs to innovate, develop new products and improve processes that have made helped them to grow and create new employment opportunities

Each year, over 7,500 of our students work over 3 million hours on placements lasting from two days to a year or more

In 2017/18 we delivered over 69,000 days of executive education to businesses in the region

Over 45,000 business delegates use our facilities including the East Midlands Conference Centre, the Orchard Hotel and the Jubilee Centre