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Natural Flood Management Scheme

The Natural Flood Management scheme, led from Nottingham Trent University’s Brackenhurst Campus, uses a series of natural processes to try to retain and slow water following future rainfall. The Southwell area of Nottinghamshire suffers repeated flooding.

Led by academic Dr Jillian Labadz with PhD student Josh Wells, the project has involved constructing a flood management scheme on farmland within the Potwell Dyke upper catchment area of Southwell. Historic meanders have been restored in a ditch section, together with the construction of five earth bunds in the corners of the fields. These have been designed to hold surface water runoff for up to 24 hours before releasing the water slowly.

“The project is a contribution to flood management, not a solution on its own. But it is extremely important because it is gaining good scientific evidence regarding its success.”

Dr Jillian Labadz