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Lockdown Learning: Free Online Courses for the Community

In response to the isolation that has befallen during COVID-19 pandemic, and the furlough of some workers, the University of Nottingham is helping to provide the community with a space for education and debate.

The University of Nottingham’s School of Education have launched an online education project, with thirty four free classes open to all, to support the communities of Nottingham and the East Midlands. Devised and established by Professor John Holford, the programme’s sessions last an hour each and comprise of both a debate and a presentation from staff across the university, in their area of expertise.

The project gives the University of Nottingham an excellent chance to connect with Nottingham and the wider community, sharing the wealth of knowledge from world-leading academics. And, with a wide variety of session topics, from discussions about tracing your family tree, gardening, the application of quantum physics in everyday life, there really is something on offer for everyone. Some sessions will also focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, such as a debate on the potential for personal growth during social isolation.

The programme spans three months, until July, each session will take place on Zoom, so anyone, anywhere, can join. Each session has limited spaces available to ensure that there can be ample time for free discussion. Everyone can register, for as many sessions as desired, and the registration for each is open a week before delivery.

You can learn more about the project and sign up here.

“While so many of us are cut off from everyday life as we once knew it, we wanted to help our community in some way. Our colleagues are amongst the best internationally, with knowledge and experience in a huge variety of fascinating topics. This is a great opportunity to be able to share this with local residents and give them a taste of what is usually happening inside the University walls.”

Professor John Holford, School of Education