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Kohl Kreatives – different by design

Trishna Daswaney has long understood the power of makeup to boost self-esteem. With support from the University of Nottingham, her line of inclusive cosmetics is helping empower communities whose needs are not being met by mainstream beauty brands.

Trishna’s company, Kohl Kreatives, invests all profit into providing free makeup consultancy to help cancer care patients and transitioning transgender people improve their self-esteem.

In 2018 Kohl Kreatives launched the Flex Collection - a range of makeup brushes tailored for anyone with a motor disability or disease. The first product of its kind in the cosmetic industry, the flexible, self-standing and easy grip brushes help with comfortable application and better overall control.

The University of Nottingham Business Management graduate, said: “I think often about people and their relationship with makeup, why and how they use it. Additionally, I reflect on how it makes such a great impact to my day and self-confidence, I can’t imagine having that taken away from me - so I thought about those who often do, and tried to come up with a practical solution.”

Kohl Kreatives Flex Collection – makeup brushes designed to be easy to use by those with motor disabilities.

Trishna founded the brand in 2015, establishing the business with the support of the University’s Ingenuity Lab, which works with alumni and student start-up businesses, offering a wide range of support, services and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs.

Alongside the products, Kohl Kreatives runs makeup tutorials through its charity Kohl Kares. The workshops - at venues including Maggie’s Cancer Centre at City Hospital and NGY youth club on Castle Gate - provide free makeup consultancy and offer expert advice on the cosmetic creation of features.

The brand’s #MyArmour campaign uses real people in its makeup workshops, and its mission is to spread positivity and diminish the idea of standard beauty ideals.

Trishna’s products were introduced into Boots stores across the country in 2017 and, in 2018, she won the Nottingham Post’s Women in Business Rising Star Award. Her story is featured on the Business School Alumni Hall of Fame.

“The University of Nottingham was my main stepping stone in nurturing my business, from most importantly allowing my business idea to have a home and support from the lab and its various mentors.”

Trishna Daswaney, Founder, Kohl Kreatives