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Is COVID-19 affecting your health?

Researchers from the University of Nottingham are being supported by King’s College London and the organisation MyFertile to conduct UK-wide research investigating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on both our physical and emotional health.

Is COVID-19 affecting your health?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our economy, health service and our normal way of life. It is likely that the social distancing measures, such as being asked to work from home and to only leave the house for essentials and exercise, will influence our mental and physical wellbeing. This research aims to examine the extent of these effects, to help inform health outcomes from the possible longstanding impact of the virus.

Leading the study is Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Nottingham, Kavita Vedhara who has expertise in psychological distress and its’ effects on our health. For the research, participants will answer three online surveys, to track changes in anxiety and depression over time, and provide hair samples to measure cortisol, a stress hormone. Using both surveys and samples allows Professor Vedhara and her team to examine whether any emotional changes also translate into changes in our physical wellbeing.

This research will give an insight into the widespread effects of COVID-19 and help determine whether support will be needed after the pandemic to reduce the long-term impact of the virus on our physical and emotional health. More information can be found on the study website

“We have worked in the area of stress and health for 30 years now, and one of the key things we’ve learnt is that when we experience stressful situations for protracted periods of time, such as during this pandemic, it can have real implications for our health and wellbeing.”

Professor Kavita Vedhara, Health Psychologist and study lead