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Healthy food, in store or delivered to your door – the innovative Nutri2Go

Nutritionist and University Of Nottingham alumnus, Jordana Chin has founded an award-winning local business to offer nutritious, locally-sourced food to Nottingham’s residents. Capitalising on a gap in the fast-food market, the business has now opened a café with the help and advice of the university.

Whilst studying in Nottingham, Jordana felt that there was a lack of healthy and locally sourced food options available. With the help of the university’s Ingenuity Lab to provide guidance, mentors and advisors and the Food Innovation Centre offering technical support, she founded Nutri2Go, a health food delivery service. Joanna began by delivering the healthy alternatives to fast food by bicycle and tricycle to local offices and university buildings.

Nutri2Go was initially pitched towards young people and health enthusiasts, hoping to eventually expand to universities across the country but with the increasing interest in healthy eating and adopting a plant-based diet over the recent years, their reach has consistently grown.

After being named as one of Nottingham’s 30 under 30, Jordana’s business has expanded, and in December 2019 they opened AvoCafe in the heart of Lenton. Now, the business not only offers a ‘2-go’ service but also acts as a social hub for local residents, with a nutritionally balanced dining menu.

With the growth of the business, they are employing and providing jobs for local people in Nottingham from delivery staff to kitchen helpers. And with the opening of their café, they have brought work to local businesses including tradespeople for renovation work, along with their continuous close relationship with local Nottinghamshire-based food suppliers.

“People in Lenton may be aware of this little new café that opened just before Christmas…open for Takeout, Collection and Delivery to Lenton area. They’re super lovely…If you’re looking to support local business in Lenton be sure to pop by!”

Sandra, Lenton Resident and Regular Customer of Nutri2Go