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Boosting graduate skills for global employability

After graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2015 with a BA in Film and Television Studies, Lili Zhu worked with the University’s Ingenuity Lab to build a business supporting other Chinese international students.

With over 200,000 Chinese international students in the UK, Lili was shocked to learn that over 85% of them left the country with no significant work experience. Passionate about both education and tackling cross-cultural barriers, she had an idea for a business which could bring together the needs of employers with the challenges international students faced.

The Ingenuity Lab helped Lili develop her initial idea while she was still studying. Since graduating, the Lab has been her base, providing office space, visa sponsorship and a range of mentors who helped shape and grow the fledgling business. 

Miiito provides bespoke training, toolkits and knowledge to Chinese international students by identifying the key skills missing due to cultural difference or lack of industry understanding. On the other hand, Miiito also works with educational institutions to improve engagement with its own Chinese demographic and strengthening the overall attraction of UK higher education.

Lili Zhu, founder of Miiito

Based in Nottingham, Miiito currently employs 17 members of staff and are planning to expand into Birmingham, Manchester and London. In 2018, they won an Enterprise Grant and the Paragon Law Prize at the annual Ingenuity Awards, winning cash and business support.

Lili was awarded Entrepreneur of the year at the 2019 Nottingham Post Women in Business awards.

“We focus on bridging the gaps in expectation between talent and employers, and we strive to guide each to better understand one another. Miiito is proud to provide the tools and knowledge needed to take excellent international talent and connect them to distinguished career paths with reputable firms.”

Lili Zhu, Founder of Miiito