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A solid foundation for future learning

The University of Nottingham is committed to helping every young person have the opportunity to achieve their potential. Foundation programmes are designed for talented applicants like Allan, who may not be eligible for direct entry to an undergraduate course.

Allan Gichuki, who has lived in Nottingham since 2014, was keen to get back into full-time education after a decade away from learning and felt his part-time work wasn’t aligning with his goals or future.

Allan was at a crossroads. On leaving his full-time job in the army, he wanted to start living his best life. So he got in touch with The University of Nottingham and enquired about studying. Although he had no A-levels, the university recognised his ability and academic potential and suggested he start with a foundation year in Mechanical Engineering.

Allan Gichuki completed a Foundation Year at the University of Nottingham, before starting his undergraduate course

A foundation year allows students to gain the subject-specific knowledge and skills required to embark onto degree-level studies. This was the ideal solution, and gave Allan a solid base of knowledge to kick-start his degree.

Now studying for his undergraduate degree, Allan has started volunteering as a mentor with IntoUniversity, the university’s partnership supporting Nottingham schools. Through IntoUniversity, Allan helps secondary school students with homework, further studies and guiding young people on the path towards higher education.

“I am in the second year of my Mechanical Engineering degree and extremely happy with the chance to achieve a major life goal and hopefully a future with more job opportunities, and also to give back to the community whilst at it.”

Allan Gichuki, Mechanical Engineering student