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Every 22 seconds, someone living in Nottingham interacts with one of our universities. Here’s how...

Together, both universities are a major driver in our local economy. According to independent analysis by Public First, we add £3.8billion to the UK economy every year. This impact supports 25,000 jobs across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

But these economic figures, whilst significant, are only part of the story. To demonstrate the wider social and cultural role we play, we have looked at how different groups of people across communities come into contact with the universities. We identified eight groups, providing a lens through which our impact can be seen more clearly.

These are; the next generation (children and their parents), the ambitious (post-16 learners), businesses, innovators, the community, creatives, patients and policymakers.

To help bring our initiative to life, we started with eight stories, one for each category. But quickly we were able to capture so many more; our stories here give a real sense of the scale and breadth of interactions people in our City and County have with both institutions.

If you have a story you think we need to tell as part of this project, then please get in touch.