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Our two universities not only have a significant social economic impact in our immediate neighbourhoods, but across the whole County, the East Midlands and the UK.

Use the visualisation below to explore how the jobs we create, the businesses we support and the students studying with us maps out across our region.

Figures have been provided for National, Regional, Sub-Regional, Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Authority and Parliamentary Constituency geographies.

Why are the estimates for the UK sometimes lower than estimates for specific regions?

Whenever possible, we are trying to measure the net additional value created by the two universities. If the two universities didn’t exist, it’s reasonable to assume that many students wouldn’t have moved to the Nottingham area. For UK born students, however, it’s less reasonable to believe that they wouldn’t have gone to a university elsewhere in the country if the two Nottingham institutions didn’t exist - and so we don’t count the impact created by their local spending at the UK level. A similar reasoning applies to allocating out visitor spending, or comparing between other types of geographical area.

Our Methodology

A detailed explanation of the methodology used by Public First in calculating both the combined economic impact of the universities and in developing the Universities for Nottingham Interaction Metric is available as a downloadable document.

Download methodology document